Was I dreaming or did I see subliminal ad?

Last night while idly flipping through the channels I came upon an episode of “The Practice”, on ABC I think it was. I got a bit engrossed in it inspite of some hammy work.

Just after a commercial break there was a shot of one of the lawyers (played by Camryn Manheim - can’t recall her name) in labor. Some complications ensue and soon after a doctor enters the scene and says “Lets speed things up a bit” or something to that effect (the word ‘speed’ was definitely there). The moment she said this, there was a visual for the briefest moment of an advertisement for the Acura (the Honda car) speeding along on hill side. Before you knew it, it was gone and it was back to the serial.

Did anyone else see it? Has this kind of advertising happened before? Remember this is not one of those cases of what the professionals call situational advertising (products becoming a part of the storyline etc) but a deliberate cut to an ad that has no place in the story.


Every now and then one ad starts playing during another ad. If someone catches the problem fat enough, you get a flash that seems like a subliminal ad. The reverse also happens. There are times when the ads do not play on time and the message ‘Insert Commercials Here’ or similar is displayed on an otherwise blank screen.