Was I poisoned? By fluoride?

I use Prevident toothpaste (1.1% sodium fluoride) every night after I brush my teeth, and got a little zealous with it last week. I coated about a teaspoon of it on my teeth each night before | put my grinding guard on. A few days in, and I got random, stabbing stomach pains, especially in the very early morning. I had no idea what it could be from, then I realized that I couldn’t smell the toothpaste without feeling ill, so I stopped using it. Now I’m fine. (catches breath) So, is this why this stuff’s only available through prescription in the US? Would I have had to have eaten a whole tube of it to get fluoride posoning? (I googled it, but a lot of stuff out there is by mildly nutso anti-fluoride zealots)

Yep, sounds like fluoride poisoning. As little as 2 grams can be lethal, according to the article. I wouldn’t do that anymore.

On the tubes of the regular stuff it says if you ingest more than a toothbrushful you should get help. That may be a bit of an exaggeration for an adult, but flouride poisioning is possible. Once as a kid I ate some toothpaste and got quite nauseous.

<IANAD>Switch to Baking Powder for a week or so.</IANAD>

Huh. Well. That explains the muscle spasms. But seriously, don’t go telling Mensa.