Was I pregnant/did I have a miscarriage? (TMI)

Inspired by this thread: How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

It’s been a weird course of events. Tell me what you think.

So my period was a week late, which never happens. So I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I wasn’t too surprised, as I had had the very sore breasts as mentioned in the aforementioned thread. And I was hungry all the time.

Anyway, so I go to bed the evening I took the pregnancy test, and wake up the next morning bleeding. It seems my period had come. So I thought that maybe the test was wrong…

But I soon noticed it wasn’t quite a normal period. The blood was bright red as opposed to dark maroon. Then on the second day some… stuff… came out. Not your usual blood clots, but a couple of globs of tissuey-looking stuff. Like nothing I has ever seen in a period before.

Anyway, I do plan on going to my doctor. But I just wanted to get your opinions. Has anyone else experienced an early miscarriage before, and does it sound like that is what I had?

It seems to me that the pregnancy tests these days are pretty accurate and that a false positive would be unlikely.

Thanks for your input!

Yep, sounds exactly like a very early miscarriage. False positive tests are very, very rare.

Do see your doctor soon. She’ll want to make sure all the contents of your uterus emptied properly so there’s no chance of infection.

(Wow, I feel like this is a horribly graphic and cold post. Are you OK? It’s totally natural and common to be freaked out, sad, relieved or completely indifferent at even a very early misscarriage, and how you feel seems unrelated to whether or not you wanted to be pregnant. I cried my eyes out after an unwanted pregnancy ended.)

Miscarriage symptoms

WhyNot, thanks for the info and thanks for asking if I am OK. Yes I am totally fine. I was indifferent/annoyed at first then really relieved when I got my period.

I totally did not want to be pregnant. I am on the pill, and take it religiously, at the same time every day. After being on the pill for over 10 years, and never having had an “accident,” I am kind of surprised that it failed. I think I may get an IUD…

Sounds quite likely - I’ve had it happen like that a couple of times. Glad you’re going to the doctor. They’ll probably test your blood for the presence of HcG. If you were pregnant and there still traces of HcG, they will probably do an ultrasound and do a retest of your blood to make sure the levels go down. If traces remain after a certain time, they may want to do a D&C to make sure everything is clean and clear. Obviously, this is based on my experiences and your doctor’s protocol may be different and certainly your individual circumstances are different, but just to give you an idea of what might happen. (Is that enough of a disclaimer? :slight_smile: )

As whynot said, hope you’re feeling ok. It can be a tough place emotionally and you’re allowed to feel whatever you feel about it, no matter what the circumstances.

I had the same symptoms, before knowing I could have been pregnant. Then, about 8 months later… my 7 lb. 12 oz. son was born. Seems I lost his twin. He’s quite severely challenged, so I shudder to think what defect might have caused my body to purge the other one. Same thing happened to my sister, who lost one of a twin pregnancy after finding out she was pregnant (probably around 10 weeks to so). Also, my mom lost my twin via an ectopic.

See the doctor as soon as possible.

That’s more or less exactly how it happened to me, only a little more severe–the doctor told me she thought I was probably four to five weeks along. I hadn’t even taken a test yet because I refused to even consider the possibility.

I distinctly remember feeling guilty because I felt so relieved. But ten years later, I have no doubt in my mind that what happened was for the best–for me, the child’s would-be-father, and the child herself. You seem to be just fine, but my e-mail’s in my profile if you need an ear.

I found out I was pregnant. About two weeks later had bleeding for about 2 weeks.

Katie is 8months old now. They distinguish panicky bleeding as red, non-panicky bleeding as brown. Sometimes a clot can form under the developing fetus which is why it’s brown, it’s old blood. You may have had a chemical pregnancy.

Are you still testing positive?

It sounds like you had a early-term miscarriage. I hope everything is ok on your end.

Advice I’ve heard in the past that may be good for all to hear: if you even think this is what has happened, retain any sort of clot/weird tissue to take to your doctor for test. I know it sounds really gross, but it can really help them to determine what went wrong.

Thanks for the input everyone! I haven’t tested again yet, I am going to do that tonight.