Was "Irwin Allen" his original name?

The man who gave us “Lost in Space,” Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea,” “Land of the Giants,” “The Time Tunnel,” “The Poseidon Adventure,” and numerous guest appearances of the lovely Vitina Marcus (Ava-Gardner hot in “Voyage”). Was “Irwin Allen” his original name? In the olden days it was not uncommon for Jewish entertainer industry types to de-Semitize their names, but all biographical info on Allen seems to begin somewhat late in adult life.


Not that it means anything, but his grave marker does say Irwin Allen.


The iMDB page gives no other aliases:

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction doesn’t list any other name.

He sold furniture before getting into show business. His original name was “Ethan”.

I was going to guess that he’d taught, with the original last name “Corey.”