Was Isaac Newton a Virgin?

I think you meant to call Richard Feynman a “bon viveur” (one who lives well) as opposed to a “bon vivant” (one who like good food).

Otherwise, well written and very entertaining!:cool:

Welcome, rad58. Enjoy it here, it is nice place with lots of good people. For future reference, you should probably add a link to the column in question, in this case: Was Issac Newton a Virgin?

Also,Cecil is correct in his use of bon vivant. Its literal translation is “good liver”.

… an unlikely outcome, surely? :wink:

Puts me in mind of the phrase “he needs a comprehensive education to make up for his comprehensive* education”.

  • UK “high school”


Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, rad58, glad to have you with us.

<< Also,Cecil is correct in his use of bon vivant. Its literal translation is “good liver”.>>

Why would anyone care about Mr Feynman’s liver? His kidneys, perhaps, but…

Drats. I knew I should have added the qualifier about internal organs* being excluded. :slight_smile: Now, if we can just make it through this without anyone mentioning Monty Python** we’ll be okay.

*By internal organs I mean the various things that pump our blood, clean our blood and so forth. I do not mean music making organs. :slight_smile:

We’ve come for your liver.

But, I’m still using it!

Is this your signature here on this organ donation card?

Hmmm…yes. [breaking fourth wall] It’s a fair cop.

In other words, all the yummy things we Brits put into our puddings. Mmmmmmmm. :slight_smile:


Was>?Meaning what exactly?No…Issac was a sexually active heterosexual

Why not just say yes?

Were we not all virgins once?

Cecil did say yes for that very reason. Or at least “of course”.