Was it a False Flag attack by a couple of IRS employes to lead to mainstream Tax Revolt

Could the targeting of Tea Party groups for IRS harassment have been a means to incite the mainstream anti-government and anti-ObamaCare Republicans to justify civil disobedience and rebellion against paying Federal Income taxes …

And thus bring the government and Obama down… in the only way a third of the population could do it?

I’m gong to go with “No,” on this one.

It could have been–in the same way that FDR could have engineered the attack on Pearl Harbor to get the U.S. into WWII or in the same way that Bill Clinton could have arranged for the murders of dozens of people to cover up financial irregularities in which he was involved.

In other words, one may always speculate on nutty Conspiracy Theories, but such speculation tends to make the CT proponents look silly.

If there was anything resembling a basis for this claim, it would seem that the IRS administration, to say nothing of the presidential administration, would have already outed the perpetrators as rogue operatives to deflect the criticism that is raining down on them.

A conspiracy theory that Obama ordered the harassment seems to be accepted as normal without any evidence - and Obama can’t out what no one would admit to doing it.
If you listen to right wing radio and Fox News they sure may be leading the way to a tax revolt in my view if Obama is not impeached over any of the trumped up scandals.

Right Wingers are worked into a frenzy being told that the iRS had terrorized them.

Next step could be withholding payment of taxes on a large scale.

Any conspiracy theory you can imagine is accepted as normal without any evidence by somebody, somewhere. This is in part what distinguishes conspiracy theories from regular theories.

Is your question “are such things likely (a false flag attack to prompt tax revolt; Obama using the IRS against his enemies) or are such things believed regardless of likelihood”, in which case the answers are “not really” and “definitely”.

Would you like to place a bet on that? IOW, what is your confidence in this prediction? If it’s not reasonably high, then what are getting on about other than taking a gratuitous swipe at “right wingers”?

Speaking as one of the token right-wingers hereabouts
[list=A][li]You have no idea what you are talking about[/li][li]There is no possibility that this is a false-flag operation[/li][li]There isn’t going to be any large-scale withholding of taxes[/li][li]And you have no idea what you are talking about in the first place.[/list]Apart from that - well, there is no “apart from that”. Go ahead and make things up and accuse other people of them - it helps to tell who need not be taken seriously.[/li]

Maybe it was a DFF (Double False Flag). Obama did this on purpose so that people would think it was a Right Wing False Flag in order to rally his base.

I have to say this OP is just about the silliest attempt I’ve seen at pushing back against the idea that Obama was somehow behind the actions of the IRS agents targeting conservative groups.

Both CTs are silly but this is even sillier.

Yeah…that’s a lot of conspiring for a bunch of mid-level bureaucrats and accountants.

The right wingers created the whole situation just so you would think that was what he was up to! One of the oldest tricks in the book.

And felons can’t vote! It’s all wheels within wheels here.


I think that’s quite an overstatement. I think a better statement would be “there’s no evidence for that, and it doesn’t really make much sense.”

If you have evidence for the “no possibility” claim, I’d like to see it.

I certainly hope that NFBW has never ridiculed birthers or truthers, otherwise he owes them an apology.

He did, but only as a feint so that no one would realize that birthers are really Democrats (who are themselves in the pocket of the RNC, for whom they are deep-cover triple agents).

Truthers are, of course, pro-Israel Illuminati in firm alliance with Zionist Holocaust deniers.

After the fifth beer it all makes sense.


You do realize that is not permitted, nor tolerated, right?

That phrase is redundant.

Yeah, all Israeli Illuminati members are professionals.

That’s what they’d like you to think.


I don’t think I could drink enough beer for that to make sense. Maybe if it was bongwater, but not beer.