Was it possible/plausible for a freedom loving American to vote for President Trump in 2020?

Related to, but slightly different from the other topic. Was it possible/plausible for a freedom-loving American to vote for President Trump in 2020?

“freedom-loving American” in your judgement, not theirs.

I take the same position, it was possible and even plausible for a freedom-loving American to vote for President Trump in 2020. Said freedom-loving American would necessarily believe that voting for Trump was compatible with freedom and other American values, and I think it is possible and plausible that someone would believe that.


In hindsight, I seem to have misinterpreted the original conversation @JohnT and I had.

Original discussion

Right here is where I make the mistake, I erroniously assume JohnT is arguing about the definition of America/an American [person].

Whether there is still a debate to have, I do not know.


My response is the same as in the other thread and for the same reasons.

How about intentionally voting for Trump?


Yeah same answer.
ISTM that a lot of Reps and Trump’s explicit platform is against freedom; trying to shut down, lock up or even “2nd amendment” their enemies.
But, OTOH you could see the real danger to freedom being environmental regulation and (largely false) caps on free speech.

So yeah, possible.

Agree with @Mijin.

Mistaken beliefs sincerely held are indeed sincere. But they’re also still mistaken.

Once Trump announced that he would not accept the results, then no. And he essentially said that throughout the campaign.

That’s a really good point. One of the fundamentals of democracy is that the loser accepts defeat.

You’ve convinced me; I have to concede.


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