Was John Connelly The Most corrupt FBI Agent?

The revelations from the trial of ex-FBI agent John Connelly are disgusting. The members of the Bulger gang (multiple murderer Steven Flemmi) have offered testimony that is shocking. Not only did (then Agent) Connelly accept large cash payments from the gang (up to $10,000 at Christmas), Connelly gave the gang information that enabled members of the gang to escape prosecution. My question: was John Connelly the most corrupt FBI agent in history? Such a morally bankrupt person should never have been appointed. I wonder what Hoover would have thought?
I remember that there was a very honest FBI agent (“Donny” Brasco) who infiltrated the NY mob. He placed his life in danger, and almost lost his marriage. Brasco was a real hero-but Connelly was the vilest POS imaginable. How was this allowed to go on?

How about Robert Hansen?

from wiki:

"Hanssen was arrested on February 18, 2001, at Foxstone Park near his home in Vienna, Virginia, charged with selling American secrets to Moscow for more than $1.4 million in cash and diamonds over a 22-year period. On July 6, 2001, he pled guilty to 15 counts of espionage in federal court. He was subsequently sentenced to life in prison without parole. His activities have been described as “possibly the worst intelligence disaster in US history.”

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about the former governor of Texas here?

The most corrupt agent was/is the one who took the money all his career, never got caught, & went to his grave loved by his family & respected by his peers.

John Connolly, not John Connally, nor, for that matter, John Connelly.


Because he was so corrupt that he didn’t even wear his corrupt agent tatoo ?

I’d have to say Herbert Hoover, who refused to acknowledge the existence of the mob for a long time … probably because they had pictures of him in drag with his boyfriend.


“J. Edgar” Hoover.

I swear I’m gonna need a bigger trout.

Well, time ran out on my edit clock, so let me note that the head of the FBI was named J. Edgar Hoover, not Herbert Hoover, let me change my contention to the notion that the Mafia had evidence Hoover was gay, and let me add this link:

Link does not ENTIRELY support my contentions, but I think Cecil was erring way on the side of caution there. I’m not Cecil, however.

Two frickin’ minutes. Man this board has no fudge factor at all.

The mob did not have evidence that Hoover was gay. If Hoover was inclined to like boys, there is no evidence that he ever acted on it. And that’s even sadder. Yes, he and Clyde Tolson lived together, vacationed together and are buried together, but there is no evidence that either one was ever caught pole smoking. And they did have domestic servants that would have been in a position to report any hanky panky or evidence thereof. Had Hoover or Tolson not been tremendously frightened of being gay, they probably would have been. The only female friend Hoover had as an adult was actress Dorothy Lamour.

I agree. I don’t know much about Connolly, but I can’t see him as worse than Hanssen. Along with Ames he wrecked our intelligence networks. The movie Breach is a fairly accurate account of his life and crimes. He was a very weird man, as well.