Was Miles Davis supposed to be making those sounds?

Squeaks, squawks, breathy non-tones. I don’t have a clue about cool jazz, but it doesn’t sound like noises a legendary trumpet player should make.

Can you cite an example of what you are referring to?

Some of what you may be referring to may just be the sound of him working the trumpet - kind of like when you hear a guitarist slide their hands down the strings? A lot of is work his slow and intimate, and he liked to record up close so you hear those technique things…I find it adds to the intimacy of the sound…

I’m with you. Ben Webster is another musician who used non-musical breath as part of his sax ‘sound’. Miles Davis was very spare in much of his playing, so extraneous noises are inevitable.

Oh yeah - god he’s got the smoothest delivery. He’s, like, the anti-Clarence Clemons (no slam on the Big Man, merely contrasting his full-power delivery vs Webster’s easy, articulate tone).