Was Starsky from Starsky and Hutch supposed to be Jewish?

My father is a huge fan of the Starsky and Hutch show from the 70s (I find it to be rather hit-and-miss, with some episodes laughably boring.) He insists that the character of Starsky is supposed to be Jewish - even though I’ve never heard it referenced in the show.

The only evidence to support that claim is that the actor who plays him is Jewish (and “looks Jewish”) and that the name “Starsky” could be considered a Jewish name (even though it could just as well be Polish. In one episode that I saw, Starsky even asks the waiter to bring him some Polish sausage, something a Jew probably wouldn’t eat, but a Pole definitely would.)

Is there any actual evidence within the show that Starsky is supposed to be Jewish, or is my dad just deducing it from the “evidence?”

There was a Christmas episode on Starsky & Hutch (No. 33, Little Girl Lost). While Hutch is in a seasonal funk, Starsky gets into the holiday spirit with a Star of David on his dashboard and reindeer bells hanging from his rear view mirror. Kirsty McNichol guest stars. It’s available on the Second Season DVD.