Was Stonewall Jackson's mother from Parkersburg, VIRGINIA

I have spoken to various docents, tour guides, and bookstore owners from Columbus, O. to Lewisburg and have never been satisfied with any answer. Does anybody know the relationship (if any) of Stonewall Jackson’s family to Parkersburg, West Virginia. I am mainly curious since I was born in neighboring Marietta, Ohio and used to delight in blowing the mind of an Alabamian who attended Ohio University. (Athens, O.–25 miles from the birthplace of Wm. Sherman.)

The Wiki article on his mother says:

So she did live in Parkersburg, Virginia (now Parkersburg WV), but wasn’t born there.

Giles essentially got it, but any confusion you may have is possibly related to the fact in some historical sources, western Virginia towns that are now in West Virginia, are noted as being in Virginia (since they uh, were, until 1863.) The Jackson family moved into Western Virginia from Virginia and have a lot of connections with the counties west of the Appalachians. Jackson’s boyhood home is also in West Virginia, albeit more in north-central West Virginia, not Parkersburg. Jackson didn’t live with his mother all that much, being sent away to live with relatives at a fairly young age.

Harpers Ferry is another place that causes this confusion. It’s located in what is now West Virginia. But when John Brown led his attack, Harpers Ferry was still part of Virginia.