Was that a missile flying over CA Saturday night?

At around 7:00pm Saturday, I saw in the northwest part of the sky a trail of white smoke shooting up in the air, kind of like those trails jets leave behind. Some seconds later, a bright comet-like object zoomed out of the trail and glided across the sky for around a minute. After that, the bright object turned into that white smoke again and ended, probably desenegrated.

What the hell was that thing? A missle? A high-flying flare? What was it?

It was a Star Wars test. This was Regan’s Star Wars, as in stratagic defense initisive, not Lucas.


CORRECTED URL: Missile interceptor passes key test.

Great. Okay, THIRD TRY IS THE CAHRM: Missile interceptor passes key test.

So it was a missle. Cool.