Was the bullet from JFK's fatal head shot ever recovered?

Not an invitation for conspiracy adherents to “prove” their point–just a simple “yes” or “no.” The person who “borrowed” my Case Closed several years ago never returned it–and I don’t remember what it said.

Fragments only. The bullet disintegrated as a result of the impact. Here is a drawing of the distribution of of bullet fragments inside the president’s skull.

OK. Thanks.

From the autopsy report:

From the Warren Commission Report:

Another fragment apparently hit a bystander:

Geeee considering that there were evidence of bullet fragments in JFK’s head (whose brain became missing BTW) then it kinda poses a connundrum to the fact that the pristine bullet revovered besides Connally at the hospital is officially the one bullet that both killed Kennedy and wounded Connally.

No, the bullet recovered at Parkland Hospital was not believed to be the bullet that killed President Kennedy. That bullet was believed to have caused President Kennedy thoracic (neck and throat) wounds. Read before you write.

The bullet that turned up on Conolly’s strecther (the fabled “magic bullet”) wasn’t the last bullet that passed through Kennedy’s head, it was the second bullet that entered under his shoulderblade, came out near his neck, went through Conolly’s torso, through his wrist, and embedded in his leg. Some said that even passing through his wrist would have deformed the bullet considerably, but they weren’t taking into account that the bullet’s velocity would have been slowed considerably by passing through two torsos.

The entry wound on Governor Connally’s back shows that the bullet was tumbling at that point, and entered his flesh lengthwise, not nose first, indicating that the bullet had already hit something else in its path, which in turns suggests the bullet was also not moving at a high velocity when it entered Connally. And the fact that the bullet was tumbling lengthwise through Connally also explains the type of damage to the bullet: it is flattened lengthwise, not nose to end. It’s not a “pristine” bullet, especially if you view it on end, where you can see the flattening.

Evidence indicates that JFK’s brain probably was returned, by family members, to his grave at Arlington Cemetery. Autopsy materials were under control of the Kennedy family anyway.


I’m glad the OP mentioned this book. The others who debunk the nonsense about “magic bullets” probably have read it as well. Everyone else should read the chapter on the “pristine” bullet in Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK, by Gerald Posner.

Of course, true conspiracy buffs will want to dispute Posner in any case, but at least they’ll know the level of the bar they have to get over.

Photos of the bullet found on the stretcher at Parkland Hospital: on end and lengthwise.

It most likely wasn’t a fragment of the bullet that hit Mr. Tague. It was more likely a fragment of the cement impacted in your quote. This is most likely Oswald’s first shot, deflected by the trees that obscured his view when it was fired, and never recovered. The second shot is the “magic” bullet recovered at Parkland, and the third is the one that disintegrated on impact with the president’s head.