Was The Citroen SM a Good Car?

I saw one of these recently-even though over 20 years old, it still looked modern. My question: as it a good car? Underneath the hood, it was a mechanic’s nightmare-but it was a really hi tech car for its time.

I take it you mean the Citroen SM.

Here’s what Jay Leno had to say about the SM. **WARNING: VIDEO! **

Apparently a car way ahead of its time. Jay gives this episode 11 minutes or so. He goes into quite a bit of detail, too.

I always enjoyed the way they looked. Want me to change the title to reflect the correct name of the car?


On second thought, I’m going to change the title and move this to IMHO.



It was… interesting. I won’t say “good”.

No. The engine required staggeringly expensive and complex periodic maintenance or else it grenaded at 30000 miles. Not Maserati’s finest hour.

I read that only 2400 were sold in the USA-so very likely, getting spare parts was probably a big problem.
It is sad that such a technically advanced car had so many bugs.
I should ask-has anyone re-engined one successfully?