Was the first person to "GO POSTAL" an actual postal worker?

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What is the basis for this saying? And WHAT IS SO STRESSFUL about their job anyway? Do postal workers really LOSE IT on complete strangers?

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Oh, sure. Violent psychopathic tendencies really didn’t show up until the advent of the US Postal service. :rolleyes:

How about Lizzie Borden?

if you’re asking ‘was the first person who went nutzo and shot up his former/current employer a postal worker’ - the answer would be an emphatic ‘I really doubt it’ - since there’s a whole lotta history involved since guns were first made (maybe Columbus’ second mate got mad at his new boss and shot everybody up).

At any rate, there was a period of time several years back when there were several (like 5 or 6) employee shot-em-ups in a row, and at least 3 were at Post offices, hence the term.

fuzzy on details, tho.

One interesting site that is not quite as “rant-y” as some:
http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/violfs.html “The majority of workplace homicides are robbery related crimes (71%) with only 9% committed by coworkers or former coworkers.”

Another site (http://cbpa.louisville.edu/kuzmits/publications/Doc0008.htm) claims:
“The worst workplace massacre took place in August, 1986, when Pat Sherrill, and employee of the Edmond, Oklahoma, Post Office shot to death 14 coworkers, wounded six others, and then took his own life.”

My friends who have worked for the USPS say the very high stress levels are due to greater automation, increased workloads without corresponding pay raises, lack of respect, terrible hours and the knowledge that they are generally delivering things bad news and things people do not want. Kind of like dentists, who (according to anecdotal evidence) tend to get depressed because they hurt people and no-one wants to see them.

If you look at this site, http://members.tripod.com/~Blazzzzzze/postal_shootings.html the authors have considerately listed many of the post office shooting between 1986 and 1995. Some people have almost as much time on their hands as you seem to, cerebrum.

I don’t know for sure, but I’m fairly certain that one or two of the first Pony Express riders came back from his route, riddled with arrows and more than slightly disgruntled at the Postmaster because of the job description. “Ride around, see the country, meet new people… TPE… The People Folks Love to See”.

Eh, as the wife of a letter carrier I’d have to say that the Number One cause of job-related Post Office stress is not the knowledge that they’re delivering bad news, but the same thing that causes stress for workers everywhere–bosses, and co-workers.

Most postal workers can handle the physical side of sorting and carrying mail; it’s the interpersonal relationships that make them go home and clean their guns.

And although the hours are long, they are actually fairly well paid, considering, and in my experience they feel a certain amount of pride in the job they do.

It’s the static when they get back to the office that gets 'em down, the feuds with the supervisors, and the International Conspiracy Theorist who cases mail next to you and won’t shut up about Area 51…