Was the target of the AntiEXE computer virus ever identified?

Way back in olden times (mid 1990’s), there was an outbreak of AntiEXE at a computer lab in the school I was attending, and, if I recall correctly, I had to get my floppies (5.25") checked before I could use them. I think at least two of my disks had it.


This confirms what I understood in days past - that this virus “didn’t like” a certain executable, though I thought that it would attempt to delete it, while the resource above claims that it attempts to stop execution.

Did anyone ever identify the executable that that virus was targeting? Might it have been an early antivirus app, a cracked version of some software or other warez?

No, to my knowledge, I don’t still have a copy - I think I got all my disks cleaned.

This link indicates that it didn’t have a particular EXE in mind, just any EXE conforming to a particular quality (size). This seems more plausible than statements that it was looking for one single, particular file.

To postulate, I’d guess that it was a testbed virus that accidentally got out before completion or was released to test how well it would travel. By only infecting a small subset of all EXEs and then preventing those EXEs from being run, the person might copy the program to a disk to try it on another computer. This then helps to spread the virus, while happening rarely enough that it doesn’t immediately call attention to itself.