Was the "toxic lady" case ever resolved?

In 1994, Glora Ramirez was brought into the emergency room at Riverside General Hospital in Riverside, CA, where she died soon after being admitted. There are claims that her body produced toxic fumes that overpowered the others in the ER.

Was it ever determined just what happened here? The most recent information I can find online is the Toxic Lady FAQ from 1995, which ends rather inconclusively.

Was there in fact a poisonous gas emitted from Ramirez’ body or from her blood samples, or was it mass hysteria? Was it caused by weird chemical interactions between DMSO (which Ramirez may have been using to treat pain from her cancer) and the high-oxygen environment of the ER? What became of the lawsuits from Ramirez’ family, and the lawsuits from the ER staff?

Not enough data was collected to be 100% certain, so 2 main theories remain:

  1. An outbreak of mass sociogenic illness:
  1. A very rare chemical reaction:

IMO there was something that indeed affected the staff, but there was not enough to cause the damage. The individual chemistry of the affected staff was a factor, and then an anti placebo effect took over (nocebo).

Cecil was leaning for the chemical explanation:
but the fact the staff did not cry tells me that that is not the whole story. Cecil mentioned people that proposed the possibility of a clandestine meth lab in the hospital area, but I think there is less evidence for that.

Thanks! I thought that article sounded familiar - turns out I read it back in 1995. It’s only about a month or two within the FAQ I posted earlier, and still ends with ambiguities and unanswered questions.

I’m not only interested in the possible cause of the event, but also in the outcome of the threatened lawsuits from the family and the ER staff, and possibly any ambulance or ER policy changes stemming from the event.

Has anyone heard anything about this case since then? It was extremely sensational at the time, and gave Chris Carter plenty of ooky plot materials for the start of X-Files’ second season. I figure someone has to know a bit more about it by now.


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I searched my newspaper databases for some lawsuit resolutions, etc. Found very little to none.