Was there a "Ragtime revival" trend in early 1970s rock?

Listening to the 1970s channel on Sirius a while back, I noticed that quite a few songs from the early years of that decade have a very distinctive ragtime-y sound - specifically, a tinkling piano-kind of sound. Was there really a ragtime revival during the era, much like the swing influence in some popular music in the late 1990s?

Ian Whitcomb definitely tried to start a Ragtime Revival. His Big Hit was “You Turn Me On” back in the 60’s; it was not Ragtime. But he’s still playing. And he’s written some interesting books–After the Ball; A Chronicle of Pop Music From Ragtime To Rock is one.

Nonesuch records released a set of Scott Joplin rags in the 70’s.

Marvin Hamlisch’s soundtrack to the movie The Sting (1973) sparked a huge revival of Scott Joplin’s piano rags which, no doubt, crossed over into other music genres of the era.

Good movie, excellent soundtrack.

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Da Da Da Dee Dee
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Doctor Hook and Mungo Jerry certainly had an “old-time” feel to their music. I would describe it as “Dixieland jazz”, more than “Ragtime”, but “revival” is a good description.

I think it’s more a tack piano sound when we’re talking about pop music of the 1970s. It followed the harpsichord fad in pop music of the late 1960s.