Was there a Scene cut from "Constantine"...?

I Swear that I remember a scene where Keanu Reeves rolls out of bed from Michelle Monahan (who plays a demon) and it is latter played up that she was the one who implanted the Lung Cancer.

My HBOMax version (which is supposed to be the best version) doesn’t have that scene.

I always thought it was the cigarettes.

According to this article, her scenes were cut out from the movie, but were included in the deleted scenes on the DVD extras.

The deleted scenes are here. It appears you remembered wrong. Constantine visited her after he finds out he has cancer. She didn’t cause it.

Edited to add the director is speaking over the dialogue so it’s possible something more is said about the cancer but it doesn’t seem likely.


I’ve seen the movie many times on DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming and it wasn’t ever in the main movie.

I did, however, see Three Kings in the theater its opening weekend back in 1999 and many deleted scenes from the DVD were included in the cut shown in theaters. Not sure if the normal cut was released the next weekend or not, but it does happen.

Did you see a cut in the theater on its opening weekend and a scene was included? It happens once in awhile. The Shining cut an epilogue scene immediately after release, Exorcist 2 changes its edit after a weekend or two, and Cats just changed their effects after a week or two of release.

I do wish they’d kept some of the clever post-cancer bits from the Constantine comic. Like Hellblazer issue #43(?), John and a priest are drinking Guiness that’s been transmogrified from holy water. The devil shows up, quaffs a pint… and John kicks over the candles, undoing the spell (So dat ol’ debbil gots da holy water inside him now). Annnd… metaphysical chaos ensues.

So people don’t look like weird CGI feline hybrids now? Oh, SO relieved, I’d hate for other people to have to see that…

Re-watching it, Gabrielle’s speach at the Bishop’s house confirms:

"You are going to die young…
…because you smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day since you were 15.

And you’re going to go to hell…
…because of the life you took."

Somehow I conflated the Oncologist saying “this time it’s really aggressive” to that night he slept with the demon, but the script just doesn’t say that.

I saw so many of my favorites in the theaters! God, that seems like such a lifetime ago. Looking at my stack of DVDs, this is one I don’t have though.