Was there an bridge accident in the past week or so earlier than this big one?

I thought I heard a news report several days ago about some kind of bridge accident, and one guy had been pinned, and later rescued.

All news report searches bring up only the I-35 bridge collapse, and (if there actually was one) I didn’t recall any details about where it happened.

Or I could just be imagining it.


This bridge fell on a fedex truck

It was not a bridge that collapsed onto a Fedex truck earlier this week, but “falsework” bracing or scaffolding used in freeway ramp construction.

News article without a focus on “whose boxes got mashed” is here.

Thanks a bunch!

NPR had a story this week where they interviewed a structural engineer who told them that due to badly neglected infrastructure there has been a bridge failure on average of once per week over recent months or years. I don’t remember the details, and I can’t find the story on their site, but the engineer’s point was that while failures are happening all the time this is the first event big enough to attract more than local attention. Not sure if that’s what you were thinking of.