Was this a migraine? Are they common post-surgery?

Tell me if this sounds like a migraine to you:

Last night I went to bed around 10:00 PM, and had a slight headache. It grew steadily worse through the night, and I got up at 4:00 AM in great pain, and vomited several times. I went back to bed and slept fitfully, and around dawn I needed a cloth to drape over my eyes as the light hurt, but around 10 AM I got up, still pretty uncomforable, had a little coffee and tended to a few things. I was still very sensitive to light and somewhat to sound and motion. Now it’s noon and I am feeling more or less Ok but still a touch weird.

Migraine or not, was this caused by recent surgery? On Tuesday morning I had a lumbar diskectomy and laminotomy and nerve root decompression, under general anesthesia. I’ve been taking 3 to 6 Percoset (5/32) per day for 5 months and took Dilaudid the day of the surgery (I was home by noon).

I don’t think my surgical wound is in trouble. I had no fever and the pain in my back continues to get better. This morning, my dressing at changing was clean and dry for the first time. I did call their emergency number and talk with a doctor, who said this combination of symptoms didn’t ring a bell, just stay off my feet and call if it doesn’t get better.

My migraine history: in 1976 I lost my vision in half of one eye for a few hours, then it resolved. At the time a doctor said it seemed to be an optical migraine. Then in 1988 I had a very severe headache for maybe a couple hours, and wondererd if it was a migraine. Otherwise I do not believe I have had migraines.

Does this sound like a migraine? Can surgery trigger them?