Was Yankee Stadium always blue?

Just something I was wondering last night.

Most of the older baseball stadiums (and the newer retro style stadiums) had green walls and generally a green color. Most of the ones with blue walls/seats seen to me to be built during the '70s and '80s.

Was Yankee stadium always blue? And was it among the first to use that motif?

Yankee Stadium use to have Green Seats. An example of real ones can be found at the Yogi Berra Museum.

Good sight on all Ballparks
No answers on what parks were blue first.

Urban legend has it that on the home final game of the 1973 season, fans in attendence were allowed to take their seat home with them. The reason I say it’s a legend is cause I can’t provide a cite - but I can assure a former co-worker of mine has 2 of those old wooden green seats in his basement.

The old Yankee Stadium was renovated during the 74 & 75 seasons and re-opened in 1976. That was the year blue plastic seats made their debut. Around the time of WW2 Yankee Stadium seating consisted mainly of benches.

In tewrms of pictures, Google doesn’t seen to be too helpful. But if you’re doing some kind of research & NEED photos of the old stadium, I might be able to scan a few from the 1976 Yankee Yearbook I have @ home.

I have seen pics of Yankee Stadium before 1974, and yeah, the seats were mostly green.

Yankee Stadium actually looks very different now than it did prior to the remodelling; I think many fans believe it was always the way it is now, but prior to 1974 it was a really weird ballpark. The old roof had a copper facade, which was taken off; the entire upper deck was moved forward slightly and cantilevered so that the support beasm could be taken out. The left field fence used to be much further back, so far back that the monuments were actually in the field of play.

Was Yankee Stadium always blue?

Only when we lose to Boston.

Urban legend, seats were auctioned off. Billy Crystal has some. The Yogi Berra Museum and many other places. Of course this weren’t as “Collectable” back then so in many cases the seats went cheap and went into back yards.