Was your email address stolen from Epsilon?

I have received notifications from Walgreens and Best Buy that my email address was probably stolen when their email processor, Epsilon, had their files accessed with authorization.

Epsilon Email Hack Exposes Bank, Business Customers

Has anybody received any phishing emails that appear to be from businesses you deal with?

I got a notice from Target like that.

Target and Chase Bank contacted me, but no phishing yet. What pisses me off is that I gave those two my “real” E-mail address, the one I didn’t want all spammed up.

I have received about ten emails from companies about my email address being stolen. I have also received emails from companies purporting to be fed ex and ups about shipments en route, with instructions to click on tracking numbers to open web sites. I don’t know if those two emails are a result of the epsilon problem or not.

Yes, TiVo contacted me about ours. It’s not my primary address and I haven’t seen any phishing on it yet though.

Received two notices from creditors J. Crew and Express (I owe $0 to both, but I do have accounts with them). No spam yet, and luckily the addresses I have are through Gmail, so hopefully Google will snare most of whatever might come in.

Who is Epsilon and why does it have my data?


I got a couple of e-mails warning it. They used my Yahoo account, which I don’t use for anything important. I expect Yahoo’s spam filters will stop anything, and I know never to give out my password to anyone. (If God came to Earth and demanded it, I’d refuse*)

*Of course, God should know it, anyway/

Yeah, three or so times. Companies that I didn’t even know still had my email sent me messages about it.

Best Buy and Sears have contacted me…

However, when I entered my card and social security information on the site linked to in the emails, nothing happened. :confused:


Chase Bank

I haven’t gotten any suspicious e-mails lately, though.

Yep, from both US Bank and Citibank. But nowhere else, so that’s nice.

TiVo contacted me on my primary email address. I have yet to receive anything suspicious. I have not used TiVo service in over a year, and only get random promo emails from them.

Might as well ask it here: why is Chase allowing a marketing firm to access my email? I’m not outraged about it… yet. Just curious.

Of the four email providers I use, yahoo has the least effective spam filter.

Three different companies that I do business with have warned me about this. Argh!

I received a warning from Walgreen about it. As someone mentioned above, I have received three emails concerning shipments that are supposedly on their way; I’ve ignored them and so far I haven’t noticed any increase in spam. I’m tired of people trying to sell me Viagra and I’m sick of those who want to sell me something to increase the size of my penis. I’d asmost welcome some sort of new spam.

I love the Dope; before I remember to ask my question there is an answer.

No spam yet, but several companies have contacted me about the hack.

probably, given I’ve been notified by I think 4 or 5 companies about the breach.