Wash your damn hands you big slob!

What is the proper bathroom etiquette to remind a co-worker to wash his damn hands after he finishes in the bathroom?

I must have seen this slob a half dozen times in the past month simply saunter out of the can without so much as a thought to basic hygine practice.

I refuse to even touch the door handles in a public toilet without a paper towel or tissue in my hand. It’s because of people like this jlob that I get the willies just thinking about using a public toilet.

Well, some of us know better than to piss on our hands!

Yer pal,


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There is no polite way to tell someone to wash his hands in the restroom, unless you’re the person’s parent or guardian. Unless you work someplace where washing hands is a job requirement (restaurant, laboratory) there’s no etiquette rule which allows you to do this.

I know people who do that but then leave the paper on the floor. (I presume you don’t)
They also leave the stupid seat protector sheets on the seat, and may even refuse to touch the flush lever. :eek: If you get one of cootie-phobes in your office, you know where all the unsanitary conditions come from- them.

Nope. I trash the tissue in my waste basket at my desk or nearest garbage can. I always flush the seat cover. I use my foot to flush the toilet. If the washroom has no hand towels but only blowers, I slide my sleeve over my hand to open the door in order to exit or catch the door after someone enters/exits if the timing is right.

Am I a sick puppy or what?!


Well, Satan, it’s apparent that you haven’t read Cecil’s columns carefully enough.

Now stay after school for an hour of remedial Cecil!

Quicksilver, you could always point at him and yell at the top of your lungs “UNCLEAN!! UNCLEAN!!”.


Works for me.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good dipped in chocolate.

Gross. When I was out at dinner, I went to the restrooms. I watched a lady walk out with out… ahem proper hygiene. :eek: I later saw her serve some tables. I was scarred for life.

Considering your behaviour, you’ve probably never been sick a day in your life.

Any other compulsive/obsessive behaviours you’d like to share with the group?

All those who believe in telekinesis raise my hand.

Psst… Hey, Billdo…

I know this. It was a joke. Do you need a smilie in order to get a joke dude? If you do:



Yer pal,


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Hey, Satan. Take a chill pill, willya! Bill was just joshin’ ya.

I’m waffling on whether to include my sig in this post for fear you won’t realize that it is in jest.

Oh, what the hell:

Uhh…Quicksilver, you’re obviously a very hygiene-oriented person(no doubt to an almost neurotic level, but that’s another thread).

There are lots of people in this world who have high levels of personal hygiene, and then there are those that don’t. Is it really too much trouble for you to mind your own business and blow it off? They aren’t your hands, and if it bugs you that much–don’t shake his hand!

The long and short of it–so what if he’s a slob, mind your own business.

We can keep washing our hands and stay healthy and he can continue to not wash his hands and cause a funky herpes outbreak on his lips from touching his mouth.

Besides, I’m one to believe that some of the more neurotic restroom users are the ones that won’t touch handles, won’t flush Etc., and end up leaving disgusting messes in the bowl after them.

QS, are you me???

On a different angle, I once heard a Howard Stern show where Stttutering John;) was in a bathroom in a train station(Grand Central Station?) and had a loudspeaker with which he announced people who didn’t wash their hands before leaving the bathroom. Yes, he almost got his ass kicked numerous times…very funny…

O.K., if the public washroom scares you, I want you to think about this.

Public telephones!

No one ever cleans them! You stick them right against your ears and lips to talk! Just *think[i/] about whose disease encrusted lips have been there before you!!

Once Maw Bell broke up, they stopped sending around people to clean the phones regularly.

Unless you eat in a really, really good restaurant, try NOT to think about how clean the staff hands are after they use the can! I mean, in most fast food places you can count on at least two of the staff not bothering to wash after taking a dump or a leak! Men mainly seem to feel that if they took a shower that morning, then their schlong is pristine and squeaky clean and they needn’t wash their hands after a squirt.

Personally, when it comes to flushing the public toilets and urinals or even touching the knobs to wash one’s hands, sanitizing them first with a blow torch is a preferred method.

Now, would you like me to discuss the fresh vegetable section in the grocery store and WHAT people have on their hands when they finger the goods YOU take home and some of YOU don’t wash before eating? Hmmmm?

Well, that was interesting. I guess I did something wrong.