WASHDC bans train HAZMAT shipments. Does this violate the interstate commerce clause?

Per this story. Can they really do this? Doesn’t it violate some federal interstate commerce clause or something?

Washington may not be the only city to ban hazmat shipments

It doesn’t violat anything as far as I know. The commerce clause is generally taken to mean interstate tariffs, etc. I imagine it falls under the same category of different states having different restrictions on firearms, etc.

Technically, DC is Federal, so they have an excuse.

However, other cities ban or restrict hazmat trucks from their streets and bridges, so there’s plenty of precedent. NYC, for instance, does not allow explosives on the Verrazano Bridge.

HMs are routinely banned from tunnels, including those on the PA Turnpike, Harbor Tunnel, and Fort McHenry Tunnels in Baltimore.