WashDopers - how dangerous is "code orange" air quality?

There was a “Code Orange” air quality warning issued for Washington, DC, today - but the Metro was shut down because of a bomb threat, so I ended up walking about two-three miles to get home. Obviously, this was less than smart - heat-stroke is nothing to play around with. But how dangerous is the “Code Orange” thing? Did one afternoon of walking put me in a higher risk bracket for lung cancer, or what?

From one of your local TV news stations:

Doesn’t sound like any health risk for someone fit enough to walk a few miles to get home. The greater danger would have been dehydration.

Thanks, gotpasswords.

District Of Columbia Air Quality Conditions & Forecasts
From http://airnow.gov/

Funny, I spent a bit of time this afternoon trying to find the answer to this question. I live about two miles from work, and typically commute by foot. The complication is that I commute while pushing my one-year-old son in a stroller, and I was worried about exposing him to the heat for the 35 minutes of the walk.

After doing my Google due diligence, I decided to do it. I figured I would just walk fast and keep air moving over him. (I’d applied the same calculus yesterday, though it wasn’t QUITE as hot as today.) He seemed to be fine. I, on the other hand, was sopping wet by the time we got home.

For what it’s worth, the term “WashDopers” isn’t the best way to get the attention of Washington, D.C. dopers. My first thought was that this thread was about Washington state. I’d suggest using D.C. or just spelling out that you mean Washington, D.C.

:rolleyes: Ya know for a vast majority human history air conditioning did not exist, and temps in the 90s do not equal a death sentence. As long as you stay hydrated you are fine temp wise. Hell people lived (and still do) in Arizona and Texas without the benefit of A/C.
The air quality is a different matter, I am not arguing about it not being a good thing to exercise in poor air quality. I am only addressing the temp issue.

True, but it got *your * attention, didn’t it? :smiley:

Northern Virginia is code for “Outer Washington D.C.” We’re not really Virginians except for our driver’s licenses and zip codes.

And my boy is half-Indian. He probably doesn’t start feeling uncomfortable until metal is buckling.

(This, by the way: “:rolleyes:” seems unnecessary. If we were speaking in person and you rolled your eyes at my expression of concern for my baby, I would have a much stronger reaction.)

The TV station gets it right; the only thing I’d add is that ozone can trigger attacks in asthmatics, so they should be extra careful.