Washer-dryer -Where does the gunk go?

When I had a washing machine with a separate dryer, quite a bit of fluff would accumulate in the dryer’s lint trap, and would have to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Now, in different circumstances, I have a front loading washer-dryer. There is no lint trap, so far as I am aware, certainly nothing that can be readily accessed and cleaned out. (I have a manual, but that does not mention about cleaning anything out.) Come to that, there must be dirt, sometimes insoluble dirt, that comes off the clothes. The only outlet is the waste water pipe, that is about 1" in diameter, made of corrugated flexible plastic, and that runs for about 7 or 8 feet behind my kitchen cabinets before draining into the waste pipe under the sink. Presumably all the gunk form the actual washing is supposed to be carried out along there with the water. Does it somehow carry away lint from the drying too? How come it does not get clogged (or is it going to get clogged before too long)?

Admittedly, the thing does not get the clothes bone dry in the way that my my old dryer did, if run for long enough, but it still must be producing some lint, surely.

The lint is supposed to be washed down the drain. What really happens is that some of the lint is washed away and the rest clogs up some internal parts of the dryer and you have to clean them out periodically. Drying performance will degrade over time and cleaning out the lint clogs will fix it. Where the lint builds up depends on the machine you have. I’d recommend that you search for your specific model (e.g., “lg combo washer dryer lint”) now to find out how to clean your model.

Is there no filter or trap on your machine? Have a look at the front, down at the bottom. Is there a little door down there which, when opened, reveals a plug you can twist out? (Like this bottom image.) Beware when you do - it has a long, suggestively-shaped trap inside which should (if it’s doing its job) contain a reasonable amount of the gunk you seek, and it will be wet (being a washing machine rather than a dryer trap). Don’t open it in the middle of a cycle or straight after one (could be hot water), do put a newspaper down before you pull it out, DO make sure you do it back up properly if you don’t want to have to mop the kitchen floor next time you do a wash.

Well, yes, that is what I was afraid of. The trouble is that there is no obvious way to get to get at the innards of the machine, and certainly the manual says nothing about it. If (as certainly seems likely) much of the lint and other gunk does hang around and clog things up, why on earth do they not provide some sort of easy access panel you can open up to get at it, like the lint trap on traditional dryers?

Although it is working after a fashion, I do very much suspect that it is not working as well as it should (I sort of inherited it, so I don’t know what it was like when new). I am not very handy with this sort of thing, though, and from what I can gather, getting it serviced by a professional is likely to be significantly expensive (and I am significantly poor). :frowning: