Washington, D.C. - How secure is it?

I’ve been to Washington several times in my life. I had an office, once, parallel to the FBI Building. Often times I’d find myself gazing outside the window into the FBI Building. I could make out rooms, doors, cabinets…but what did it lack? Humans, janitors, MOVEMENT.

So-Since I’ve moved on I’ve always wondered if the FBI rooms, viewable by the public, are actually just a false wall? Anyone agree/disagree with me?

Aside from that interesting observation, I noticed that most federal buildings are protected by large, concrete blocks. (I suppose this keeps car bombs at a safER distance). That’s not what concerns me, however. I’m wondering if there are federal employees(agents, what not) who are payed to walk certain routes around the city each day, to make sure there are no suspicious cars, trucks, or unusual activity. Do you think this is possible?

Another observation I’ve made is that around the great, black White House fence are large trees, many, many years old. I’ve noticed that wires are stapled into the trunk, and the wire extends out of sight, up the tree. (They’re also painted to match the tree). Where do these wires go? To motion detectors? To alarms? To cameras? Or do they lead to lightbulbs?

I suppose my recent couple of posts make me seem paranoid. I’m not, really…I’m just curious about what are government does to protect itself from terrorism and harm. And I’d like to learn something new. :slight_smile:

If anyone would care to help me with the above questions or submit an interesting factoid about “national survelliance,” please go right ahead.


Yeah, they’re called cops.


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The USSS also uses lots of planeclothes agents around government buildings. next time you go look at the Whit House, look around. Several of the other gawkers are USSS angents in street clothing.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.

I bike around a lot of these high security buildings, and I always see sentries outside who’s job seems to be just to keep an eye our for, well, anything. Even at midnight, I have seen them with their mirrors-on-a-stick examining the undersides of nearby parked vehicles.

There are proximity sensors visible on the grounds of the Old Executive Office building, and I would expect nothing less for the White House. I’ve not noticed the wired trees of which you speak, but I’ll have a look-see the next time I drop in on old B.J.

While I don’t think the perimeter rooms of the FBI building are illusions, I bet the inhabitants do think twice about asking for a room with a veiw, knowing they might become targets.

I myself have a direct line-of-sight on several DC federal buildings, including the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, US Capitol, and the Libraries of Congress (from a 13th floor window in Crystal City Virginia).

If ever there was a destructive laser device developed that I could smuggle into my office, I could take out 2/3 of the US Gov’t.

(if any FBIers are monitoring, I’m just kidding!)

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Hit THIS with yer laser, buddy! :wink:

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Geez, Olent, he’d have to be a hell of a marksman to hit anything that tiny.

If I remember my last visit to DC correctly, those wires feed a high-tech push-network of information broadcasting devices.

They’re called speakers. :slight_smile:

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Oh wait, were you talking about the front side?

All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don’t know who you are…

I wouldn’t call him that myself, but I’m damn glad someone finally had the good sense to string Newt from a tree. Will have to go check that on my lunch hour.

All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don’t know who you are…

Destructive laser device? Nah. A .50 caliber rifle will do. The range, accuracy, and deadliness of .50 cals has increased the paranoia level of DC security agencies like the Secret Service. A competent .50 cal sniper can kill from a mile away.

I don’t know anything about the FBI building other than its location. I can say that I go past the Capital building everyday and not only are there armed sentries, there are tons of plainclothes officers roaming about. My bank is right across the street from the Capital and even walking along there one finds innumerable plainclothed officers at the various street vendors. The few times I have been up to the White House it has been the same. Also, if you leave anything lying around over there you will probably be held for questioning until your “package” has been inspected/destroyed.


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Well, my office is about 2 miles away from the White House, so I’ll need a more accurate weapon.

(Once again, FBI, I am just kidding!)

Wrong thinking is punished, right thinking is just as swiftly rewarded. You’ll find it an effective combination.

With all the protesters in town this week, the police presence on the streets is ridiculous. The City Paper once reported that DC has more law enforcement and security organizations than any other place in the world. Those “security guards” at the Capitol? They’re cops. One of them gave me a ticket once. Anyway, it looks like they’ve all pitched in this week to put a physical presence in view on every street corner.

As far as plain-clothes security, yep, they’re out there. This Monday I noticed a big guy in your usual spring turista garb, complete with camera, milling around in front of one of the Metro stations. His windbreaker collar was slipping, and you could see the clear earphone cord running down the back of his neck. At least a couple of times a month I see unmarked mini vans festooned with antennae parked in strategic spots, like out back of the Mayflower. And many of the buildings around the White House still have cameras aimed into the streets. I presume these are the big ones that haven’t been replaced yet, as they have been disappearing.

AWB, isn’t it your job to stop that from happening?

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.


not to be paranoid or anything, but these are strange times. I’d be wary of even kidding about such subjects over the net. I wouldn’t want you to answer your door in the middle of the night and find yourself staring at a bunch of guys who look like the Matrix’s Agent Smith’s long lost brother.

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FTR, That’s AWB.

Cecil said it. I believe it. That settles it.