Washington D.C. Police are incompetent assholes (long).

Wow, too bad your last name isn’t Cheney or Rumsfeld. I’d love to see the shit-eating grins fade as you promised to call “Uncle Donny.”

As it is, you should have just moved your car. You know. Really moved it.

If you know what I mean.

I live in DC and my favorite cop story is what happened to my neighbor. A cop lives on his block and the cop keeps this gigantic boat parked illegally on the block. My neighbor called the police who came out and calmly explained to my neighbor that they couldn’t write a ticket or tow the boat because “it is owned by a cop, didn’t you know that?”

“I accidentally hit the officer’s car seven times,” is that the kind of moving you mean?

Good luck brickbacon. I wish I had any good advice or cheery words for you. It always sucks when the people who should be helping you turn on you instead.
I’ll just chalk DC up as another city with cops who make me want to retch.

“Honestly, officer, I thought I had it in drive. Seven times.”

Christ, this reads like an episode of The Shield.

There was an article in the Washington Post a few years ago. At the time, DC Police led the nation in rates of officers accidentally shooting other cops and of accidentally shooting themselves. When the department received new Glock pistols, the very first training with it the safety officer in charge of the training shot himself.

There is no reason why I should be laughing this hard. No reason.

Oh, and cops can be like that everywhere. The brother of my best friend, at the time, recieved a royal beating from the cops once. He had been a dealer, but at the time of the arrest, he was coming out of a restaurant. Unarmed, not doing anything illegal. Several, 4 or 5, cops jumped him. He ended up with broken ribs, a broken nose, and a broken arm. According to them, it was “routine procedure.” You’d think they would be able to restrain one small guy a little easier than that, especially with a group of cops.

So, In summary:

A month ago, some drunk moron hits your car and another car, the cops don’t do shit and you go to the station and they tell you to fuck off, then this week the fucking cops hit your car and give you a ticket and tell you to fuck off again?

Damn dude I would be so pissed I would be in jail right now getting told to fuck off.

My head would explode. Sorry you have to deal with this shit.

Klaatu in DC we just call this kind of thing Tuesday. It’s still better than dealing with DC’s DMV.

The local station that does this is WJLA, and it’s called 7 On Your Side. Here’s a link to the contact info.

Not that it will do any good…even if somehow you managed to get them to acknowledge, it would probably take you years to get paid or something.

Good Luck!

Oops! I meant that about the DC cops, not WJLA.

Huh. Years ago, I had an invitation to move to DC. Sure glad I didn’t take it. I’d get just pissed of enough that I’d get my head bashed in.

Might also try calling the Metro section of the Post, and seeing if they think there’s a story there.

Sounds like Kansas City. My car was parked along the curb, and someone did a hit-and-run and totalled it. Neighbors saw it happen and got a partial plate number and a description of the car. They called the cops and we called the cops and the only reason they even sent someone to take a report is because the driver had apparently abandoned his vehicle in the middle of the street a few blocks away and it was obstructing traffic, so someone had to deal with getting traffic around it and moving it.

The unhappy cop who did show up gave us what purported to be his card with our alleged case file number on it, but the phone number on his card was for a cleaning company and not a precinct office. Once we got through to an actual KCPD office, we were told our case file number did not exist.

Eventually we tracked down some info and found out that the owner of the car simply claimed his car had been stolen that night and apparently that was the end of that. Unfortunately, nobody who saw him hit my car had a good description of him - just that it was a dark-haired male driving.

We frequently get calls from the FoP wanting us to support them, and we’re more than happy to tell them why we decline to do so.

I second this. I don’t know which ward you are in but this being an election year and all, I’m sure your local council member’s office will be more than happy to give you some assistance.

There must be something in the water because from what I have seen, the services in DC are generally horrible. I’ve been to the DMV and getting a car inspected can be a painful Odyssey.

I have a big problem with this kind of job “performance”. In Massachusetts, a police report on an accident is a very important document. in fact, if you are fighting an insurance surcharge, it is your only line of defense. I can’t imagine why the people of D.C. put up with this stuff-those cops should be fired! Especially if city property has been damaged as well. What particulary frosts me is; here, auto insurance fraud is rampant. the AG supposedly set up a strike force to investigate phony auto accident claims-and nothing gets done! Two years ago, three lawyers were indicted (they were part of a ring that included crooked chiropractors, body shops, and doctors). The result of this? charges dismissed by the judge…grrr!

I’d proceed with caution. Having 2 accidents in a very short time could lead to you being cancelled. I would check your policy first.

Adlai E. Stevenson, two-time Democratic nominee for president

So long as people are willing to accept such shoddy treatment from their employees without filing formal complaints, they deserve what they get. The OP complained to a field supervisor of some type. Go to his boss. Then go to his boss. Then go to the Press. If you’re willing to accept a shit sandwich, don’t complain about the bitter aftertaste.