Washington, DC City Council gives Xmas present to the nation's gays & lesbians!

The Council of the District of Columbia has voted 11-2 to legalize same-sex marriage! Just think effective St Patrick’s Day gay couples will be able to marry in the Federal City. The same city where Mildred Jetter and Richard Loving exchanged vows. Thank you Mayor Fenty, and Councilors Gray, Brown, Mendelson, Brown, Graham, Evens, Cheh, Bowser, Thomas, Wells, & Alexander. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a Happy New Year to you all.



This one can’t be overturned by changing the Consitution unless it’s the Constitution of the USA, right? No Prop. 8 (bis)?


Correct. Although Congress does has 30 days to overturn this. Which requires a majority vote in both chambers (& Pelosi and Reid schedualing a vote in the first place) and President Obama’s signature. Which will not happen. None of those three are willing to stick their necks out in either direction for same-sex marriage. Plus Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco.

The bill’s opponents are trying to get a referendum for a district wide vote on it. The DC board of elections has turned them down, but they’re appealing to the courts.

Yeah, this one ain’t quite over yet.

Honestly, I viewed this, when originally proposed, as a big ol’ FUCK YOU to those in Congress who make a bit of a habit of interfering with home rule. It puts them in a position of having to make a stand that will get them ill will on one side or the other if they make any noise at all on the subject.