Washington is now what?

In this article:


The last sentence seems truncated, did one of the Gerbils have a heart attack, mid publish?

I think perhaps Little Ed was researching the dozen taverns of York and returned not quite able to live up to his usual editing standards. :wink:

What we got here … is a failure to code our HTML properly. The source code on that page shows the article should end:

There are some half-open <th tags confusing your browser. And just about everybody else’s, I’d guess, since the text doesn’t display in IE.

Ha. Thanks for solving the mystery.

Aha! You’re right. To hazard a guess, I’d say someone meant to type in the   character entity between the periods of the ellipsis, and somehow entered those half-finished <th tags instead.

Every bit as grand as Philadelphia?!


Washington in now dead.

Glad to be of help!