Wasn't That Candidate Debate Canceled?

I was out of town and barely in touch with the news, but the one blurb I did hear said Friday night’s debate was canceled since both Senators running for President had stop campaigning to deal with the economic crisis.

Did I hear wrong? Were two stories mixed? (I did hear about Letterman busting on McCane for canceling his appearance on Letterman’s show.) So, was there talk of canceling Friday night’s debate? Or, stopping the campaigning for a bit?

What’s the SD? :confused:

  • Jinx

Wow, you WERE out of touch.

  1. McCain announced that he was suspending his campaign to deal with the financial crisis. He also said he might not attend Friday’s debate with Obama.

  2. McCain accomplished little as the bailout talks collapsed and media attention turned against him. Obama announced that HE was going to the debate and if McCain wasn’t there he’d just take questions from the audience for 90 minutes.

  3. McCain shows up and debate proceeds normally. Seems to have been a tie, or at least not a game changer.

Really, it could easily be said that the biggest event altering the presidential election playing field was McCain’s rushing to ‘deal’ with the crisis and nothing coming of it. The impact of the first debate appears to be negligible.

I believe Obama also said something to the effect that a President has to be able to deal with more than one issue occurring at the same time.

Jinx, information on this is found very easily by a simple Google search (though it would probably help to spell McCain’s name correctly).

You’ve been asked before to try using other available sources of information before asking such simple and easily answered questions in GQ. Given that the basic question has been answered, I will refer you to the many news sources on the internet, plus other threads on this board. I am going to close this thread.

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