Wasp deterent

Any good way to deter a wasp from hanging around my front door?

Not sure what the thing is looking for but I have a security camera above my front door under an overhang and a single wasp sets off the motion detector on the camera a dozen times a day or more and likes to land right on the lens.
When I inspect the area I don’t notice any nests being built and it’s always a single wasp doing it.

Is there something I can hang near the camera that would scare him off?

use dishsoap or spray on the overhang …… hes a scout looking for a place to build a new nest since the old ones full that way he wont come back because eventually they will build a new one where he picked out ……. wasps like warm places and he can get warm from the light

we get a nest on the overhang above dryer vent every year ……… this year they built a flat nest and we almost missed it ……

A small fan might disturb the ‘local airspace’ enough for the wasps to avoid the area.