Wass the USS Cole a Valid Target?

But it worked out pretty poorly for the Vietnamese civilians. That’s the point.

Freedom2 wrote:

Does that include the many allied aerial bombing attacks on civilian targets in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during WW2?

So now we’re juggling international law, the Geneva conventions, terrorism and - if memory serves me - the St. Petersburg Declaration, which together with the Hague Land War convention puts restrictions on weapons types and use. My head hurts.

To get the banal hypothetical case out of the way: If the attack on the USS Cole was carried out by soldiers taking orders from a country at war with the US, and if those soldiers had not been hiding their combattant status, the attack would probably have been a legal act of war.

As this wasn’t the case, we’re left with the bizarre distinction between soldiers committing a war crime (posing as noncombattants) and terrorists committing a crime, period.


The Japanese planes made no effort to conceal who or what they were, neither did their carriers as they left port. So the conventions apparently weren’t broken, but international law, of course, was.

S. Norman

Hey now, Dresden was a valid military target! Delicate porcelain could have been hurled at our troops if it wasn’t destroyed in a firestorm!

The title should have tipped me off.
Ok, I did a quick net search to find somebody describing in reasonably vivid detail the horrific firebombing of Dresden (that screwed Kurt Vonnegaut up so much).
This the link above does, and seems to match with what I’d read in other sources.

However, this is the last paragraph (I hadn’t read to the end when posting).

Anyway, just wanted to make it clear that while, yeah, I happen to feel the War on Drugs has been pretty much a flop, I’m not a big fan of racist conspiracy theories.
Sorry about that.

I can’t stand it when neo-Nazi jerks appropriate historic events to “back up” their cause, thus causing reasonable folks to reject the historic event itself. So for you, Kyberneticist, and anyone else with doubts about Dresden, here’s a relevant snippet from Allan Forbes’ piece, “Atrocities”:

Allan Forbes is a retired anthropologist who was a research associate at Brown University, and was also the National Director and Vice President of the Council for a Livable World from 1962-76. The CLW is an organization that works for the limitation of weapons of mass destruction. Does it seem any more believable now?

Oh, I never doubted the veracity!
I merely posted the correction to note that while what he said matched with other sources, he was in fact a racist freak.

That being said, have the U.S. and U.K. ever issued a formal apology for the bombing of Dresden?

Point taken, and I agree wholeheartedly with your character assessment of that loon. :slight_smile:

From my admittedly limited reading on this topic, I don’t think so. Anyone else know for sure?