Wasting Light: New Foo Fighters album streaming now

On my second listen now and it’s amazing. Their best full album since The Colour and the Shape IMO

Enjoying it so far, thanks for the heads-up!

Ditto. Loves me some FF!

Both of you are welcome and so is anybody else that enjoys it. I’m always telling people how awesome the Foos are and most of them don’t care :smiley:


Dave Grohl has been saying that about every album since The Colour and the Shape. Is it actually true this time?

Well it’s only my opinion, but I think so, certainly better than In Your Honor’s rock disc or ESPG. (and I like both of those albums, by the way)

I heard the Dave quote this time around as it would be the heaviest album of their’s. It’s certainly not heavier than the self titled, although White Limo fills those shoes pretty damn well.