Watch Anthony Bourdain burn 6 tons of kilo bricks of pure cocaine

Now that… is a lot of cocaine!

Workers chop up and set fire to 6 tons of pure cocaine. It’s a cocoa fiesta!

Re Anthony Bourdain

Well, that was not quite what I expected. Instead of AB burning six tonnes of cocaine, we see assoted police people cutting up packages of cocaine and then only at the very end do we see someone setting fire to a trail of fuel leading to the cocaine. We never actually see the cocaine on fire. I wanted to see what colour it burnt.

Yeah, they cut it off right before the money shot. I was hoping to see Bourdain make some more jokes as it burned.

Which is sort of how I tried cocaine the first and only time - by accident!
Someone I knew had some at a party years ago in Berlin and, having never seen it, wanted to look at it. She handed it to me and it looked like basic white powder and then I wanted to know if it had an odor. So, as anyone would do with marijuana or whatever, I smelled it - nope, no odor - and handed it back to her.

Hmm…now what exactly did I stupidly do just four seconds ago…oh yeah, that “smelling it” part where I sniffed to see what it smelled like…

Let’s just say I was in a really, really good mood for much of the evening for what I thought was for no particular reason.

BTW, I love Anthony Bourdain and could think of no travel host I would rather travel with. He doesn’t seem to be the primadonna who needs 5 star hotels, etc. and is more than willing to roam parts of towns and villages most tourists would never hit. Plus, you can see him actually having fun, or being hung over, or being pissed off, etc. Great television and can’t wait for his new season to begin. (However, I am not so fond of his USA travels - they seem bland in comparison to his foreign travels - and the more obscure the location, the better the show!)