Watch for speed traps in school zones as school starts

Cops around here love to give tickets now that school is starting up. It must make it easy to hit their quotas.

I meant to add I have not been ticketed for this but I have seen people get caught every day this week.

As a side effect, it also might help prevent kids from getting hit by cars.

Good, I’m glad they are being ticketed. This is a proper use of police resources to protect pedestrians from bad drivers.

I think the thing to be watching for is kids in school zones. Getting a speeding ticket will ruin your day; killing a kid will ruin your life. So never mind the cops and speed traps, just slow down for school zones, and watch out for kids.

this is a suburb so there very little crime here. I would guess 90% of what cops do is just give traffic tickets.

I’ve never understood the mindset that enforcing existing speed limits constitutes a speed trap. Whether you like them or not, whether you think they’re fair or not, speed limits are set and those who exceed them are subject to tickets. That’s pretty basic. How hard is it to comply??

I pass an elementary school on my way home, and at least half the time, I get stuck behind the buses as they pull out of the parking lot. It may extend my commute home by 2 or 3 minutes. That’s like 180 seconds!!! :eek: I still slow to 35 as the signs say and risk getting stuck.

It’s not that big a deal. Also, stop for buses as kids get on or off. Duh!

It will ruin far more lives than just yours, my friend.

Getting hit by a car is also a crime. In fact, I’d much rather have my house broken into than have my kid killed by a speeding driver.

Speed trap just means they are making a concerted effort to catch speeders, at least to me. That’s not the only way they catch speeders but a lot are caught that way.

I live right across from a middle school and very few kids walk there. Around 90% take the bus or ride with parents. Most of the kids who walk are on the same side of the major road as the school so they don’t have to cross 5 lanes. For elementary schools here they all have a crossing guard who helps kids cross the street. A lot of parents are worried about kids walking to school so they don’t let them walk even if it’s a short walk. For example I know a guy who won’t let his 16 year old daughter walk a mile to school.

Fair point, but a driver who is prone to speeding through school zones isn’t much given to thinking about other people’s lives.

Then by all means drive like a maniac.

I have no sympathy for anyone who speeds in a school zone, or in my neighborhood, for that matter.

Actually, getting hit isn’t a crime, hitting is a crime.


I am delighted that tickets are being issued to drivers who exceed the speed limit in school zones where you live. I wish they would do it more often here. In my town, children walk to school by themselves from an early age (which I very much approve of). But not all drivers seem to realize that those signs indicating a school zone, and the flashing lights, and the crossing guard by the school are there to keep the children safe. Handing out a few more tickets would be appropriate, since some people don’t seem to care about doing the right thing for its own sake. Maybe if their wallets are affected, they might just slow down.

I almost got hit crossing the street walking to school once, even with a crossing guard. Thankfully the guard was able to recognize that the car was clearly not going to stop and stopped me.

When people talk about speed traps, they usually mean there’s something unfair about it, like nailing people right where the limit changes from 55 to 35 at the bottom of a hill. Enforcing school zones at the start of the year is not a trap under any definition.

This almost sounds like an argument that it’s not worth enforcing the speed limit in school zones, because no one walks because it’s too dangerous with all the speeders on the road. That would be a pretty ridiculous argument.

People who complain about this being “unfair” are whiners, provided the 35 sign is clearly visible from an adequate distance; they’re making an informed decision to not use their brakes in a timely fashion.

I would think this would be a near-universal feeling.

It’s actually 25mph here. I always comply. Though it’s really hard to have forward motion at that speed. People pass me all the time. Especially at the highschool I go by frequently. Sometimes I am passed by teenage drivers. I am pleased to see LE around the school. I truly hope the kids they stop are getting a lesson and not just a ticket.