Watch this UK Police program - how does it compare to US police?

A couple of weeks ago I created a thread asking if any of you would watch this, and quite a few of you did so.

Thus I have picked an excellent police program you can watch on Youtube here.

Note that while you will learn how the first chase ended up in terms of sentences pretty quickly, for most stuff you need to watch till the end till you can find out what super-duper harsh (:D) sentences everyone got.

There is a lot to compare I think.


I knew that it was quite likely this thread would get no responses.

So I specifically went to the trouble of getting assurances that people would watch the program.

I got at least 18 assurances.

Yet no replies!

Maybe it’s because no one wants to watch an hour long youtube video. Why don’t you just tell us specifically what you want to know.
You’ve got a rather large US audience here to draw from.

I didn’t think they necessarily would either, which is why I created a thread to check if anyone would, where ironically there were others suggesting I spend the five or six hours it eventually took me to pick this one out and then put it forward for viewing before even asking! As it happens I’ve been made to look rather silly because I both put in the effort of doing some audience research and put in the effort of finding a perfect program, all to no avail!

I’m not after anything specific. I’m after impressions especially with respect of police procedures, sentencing, general cultural differences between people - that kind of thing.

Well, the US doesn’t have CCTV cameras everywhere like the UK apparently does.

Oh, and the phrase “Elite Subaru Team” wouldn’t strike fear in anyone’s hearts.

UK police are brutal compared to those here in New Zealand. You hardly ever see the NZ armed offenders squad out and about in the streets.

If you’re into comparative policing you could try and track down a New Zealand documetary that follows police in Auckland, Perth, Oslo and San Francisco for 24 hours.