Watching 10.5- I'm so...ashamed.

Ok, this show is complete bullshit. I stuck around to watch this fucking earthquake tear shit up, and instead all they show is people running around the camp over and over again. And where the fuck are all those people running to?

I like how the quake splits the camp in half but no one seems to fall down. One might think that were the earth to suddenly split into a ten-mile chasm that a few people might get knocked off their feet. And how lucky for those people that the chasm stopped but 5 feet from them.

wow, that was bad.

derivative drivel done sooooo badly.

That was just awful. Especially the opera…but all of it.
I think I want to go put something decent in the DVD player now. Like V or V: The final battle (well, comparatively decent)

Let us not even mention the feat of out running a widening chasm for ten miles as it opens. That may have been the worst disaster movie I have ever seen. They really skimped on extras as well. One would think that if the population of Southern California were to be evacuated to the camp there would be more than a couple of dozen people milling around.

I missed watching both Alias and The Simpsons, and missed taping 10.5. (I was doing some spring cleaning.) 10.5 looked terrible, but I planned on having a look. Like many others, it seems, I also enjoy disaster movies (and am really looking forward to seeing The Day After Tomorrow.) I might give 10.5 a look if they show it again sometime, but that’s less likely now that I know it’s a two-parter.

There’s one cliche that I haven’t seen mentioned. Does anybody in the movie have a dog which, at some point, looks to have been lost (buried under rubble, fallen down a crevice), only to pop up unscathed by the end of the flick? Maybe even saving another character in the process. (I still remember the dog in the Sylvester Stallone movie Daylight. Hey! Viggo Mortensen was in that one too. :slight_smile: But I couldn’t find a credit for the dog(s). :mad: Bastids!)

And on the subject of The Day After Tomorrow, the first preview for the film seemed to imply that most of the film takes place after the disaster. The latest preview implies just the opposite. (Yes, I am well aware that previews are rarely fair in their representations of a film.) Personally, I’ve always been more interested in how people survive and cope following a disaster. I guess you could say I’m more of a post-apocalyptic disaster film fan.


Wow, sea level rose 2100 feet! (Elevation of Barstow, California- that’s where the camp was, right?)

Did anyone notice last night in part one that early on the “news footage” said “Evacuation of Los Angeles” or something like that at the bottom, an entire episode too early? :smack:

“This earth-shattering four-hour miniseries stars Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) as Dr. Samantha Hill, an intellectual earthquake expert put to the ultimate test: saving the West Coast from the biggest earthquake ever recorded. Emmy and Golden Globe winner Beau Bridges co-stars along with Ivan Sergei (Crossing Jordan), Dulé Hill (The West Wing), John Schneider (Smallville), Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules…) and Fred Ward (Sweet Home Alabama).”


It’s so bad that they don’t offer the credits of the producers or the writers. However, a look at IMDB reveals they are full of schlock movie and TV “credits.”

No wonder the free-to-air commercial networks are losing viewship.

That’s about the only thing they did well. Five minutes into it, I was thinking how it looked like a '70s movie - especially that moving split-screen picture in picture effect and the overall impression that it had been shot on 16 mm film - there’s a certain lack of sharpness. In the picture - I’m not commenting on the acting!

All right, looks like we just got the “lost ability to remote detonate the nuke, now I gotta go in manually even though I know I can’t escape the blast” guy. Check that cliche box!

That was, again, freaking hysterical. Where to begin?

“Mr. President, our tent cities are filling up!”
“How long until they reach capacity?”
“They already have!”
“Then we’ll have to make them BIGGER!” (Dramatic zoom on the Pres’s face)

Ya THINK, sir? Really??! MORE TENTS! What a GENIUS idea!!! I guess that’s why he’s the president.
Or how about the fact that they evacuated all of Southern California to a tent city…that was apparently positioned right on top of the SAN ANDREAS FAULT!!! So basically instead of evacuating the area, they concentrated everyone into one area, so they can be killed more efficiently.
“Son, cough a nuclear warhead has fallen on my chest and I’m going to die. But…I have good news.”
“What is it, Dad? You love me?”
“No. I just saved a ton of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.”
I loved how there wasn’t a single wave in the ocean as it came in to cover half of California. I don’t think they had the budget to animate water. Hell, they barely had the money to animate the land falling into the water, unless it really DOES fall in perfectly cubical chunks…

Nope, no dog popping up to save anyone. But Heroic Surgeon Who Lost His Wife and Father(the Bomb Guy), does save a young girl.

I wrote the OP, and the one thing I absolutely can’t believe is that the first segment was actually marginally betther than the second. Really, I do like disaster movies, but this may be the worst yet.
Father and Daughter did come to terms. Check

Seperated family in refugee camp finds each other after only a few minutes. Check

Plucky scientist survives. Check

Producers are so cheap we see almost no major structures fall. Check(Why do they think we watch these things? We want to see things go boom!)

Several variations on the speech of “I’m sorry for what I said. Forgive me, cough, chough.” Check

What other checks?

Oh damn! We went out to see a movie and the power went out, so my Tivo didn’t Tivo. I’m so used to cable where they repeat things often, I remember now one of the reasons I hate broadcast. Now I have to wait for a repeat or (god forbid) the DVD to see just how awfully, suckily, horribly bad it was.

So, whiny bitch survived eh? Did she Grow Up And Learn to Embrace Her Inner Mother Teresa?

What happened to Remo Williams?

Did the Governor sing?

Soon, The Day After Tomorrow. Soon.

When did Bruce Willis show up? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sweet Jesus take me now. Don’t forget the writers blowing this little fact.

Nuclear warhead, encased in a shitload of metal falls squarely on Ward’s chest, but he can still chat on the phone, reach up to hit the last button, and seemingly shows no real sign of pain!!!

Snooopy, I’m also wondering how long that sequence takes to be named in a copyright suit.

Yeah … with them looking down onto the new coastline of California, and a voiceover saying:

“He learned too late that Man was a thinking creature, and because of it the greatest in the universe.”

(Or was that “He tampered in God’s domain”? I never can keep those straight.)

Feeling creature. Feeling. Not thinking. :smack:

Oh, man. Ohhhhhh, man.

I was alternately talking to my sister/laughing uproariously at this.

First off: if you are going to air something on national TV, at least get a spell checker!!!

“Marshal law”??? Who is this Marshal guy and why is he now in charge of the country? Good Og, at this point 10.5 had sunk to high-school project levels.

And why is the head of FEMA the most qualified person to unstick a stuck nuke? In fact, why is the head of FEMA kicking a damn drill bit after it breaks? Shouldn’t he and the plucky geologist be trading places?

Well, then, why is a plucky civilian geologist given final detonation control over nukes? Doesn’t Marshal have that power now?

Luckily, though, the US has the ability to enable the FEMA dick/plucky geologist/angry but really grateful son/micromanaging president conference call.

And of course the guy who dies next to the MASH-like mileage sign in tent city is MUCH sadder than the thousands of idiots who die on the beach, or in the buildings or trucks on the road in LA. Why? Because he died during dramatic, heart-wrenching music! All those other saps just died to the sound of an earthquake!!

Gah. I find it hard to believe that this actually made it through the production process.

Oh c’mon, guys. It wasn’t that bad. The space needle and Golden Gate collapses were, um, less cheesey than the other "effects. But I have to admit…

overall the movie was no great shakes.


That was dumb.

That was REALLY dumb.

That was, like, Shirley McClane dumb!

Gotta love it!

“We’re down to 320 feet!”

“Keep drilling! The nuke has to be at 342 feet to fuse the fault!”

Yeah, that extra 22 feet will make all the difference… :smack:

And I swear to God I heard one of the “scientists,” in a helicopter, upon discovering a river that was flowing in the wrong direction and being asked what could possibly cause such a thing, suggest magnetism as a possible cause!!!

Even IF water were to somehow be attracted to a magnetic field, we’re talking about the Earth’s magnetic field being amplified, what?, millions of times. You’d think they’d notice such a thing… as the helicopter was dragged towards the north magnetic pole.

I began tonight’s excursion into the Hollywood mind with the intention of taking a drink of my gin’n tonic every time someone said something horribly stupid… I am saddened to report that after the first 15 or 20 minutes, I had to abandon this plan. I was having trouble locating my glass!

Man I love TV. :slight_smile:

Is you smarter, or dumber, than Shirley MacLaine?