Watching 10.5- I'm so...ashamed.

For some reason bad disaster movies draw me like a moth to flame. Everyone has mentioned the ridiculousness (especially the train swallowing episode) that I noted while watching. I did want to mention the inclusion of Dule Hill and the other guy at the hospital.

I almost feel like they got a commitment from Hill after the script for the first part was finished. Not knowing what to do with him they just flash to him looking worried. They snagged a West Wing cast member, and if we don’t watch out they just might use him. From the brief shots of him I don’t even know where his hospital is located. I expect he will be saving kittens and the like in the second half.

Parts of the Golden Gate collapse were so much like the old footage of Galloping Gertie coming down that it wouldn’t surprise me if 10.5’s crew simply digitized and manipulated an old newsreel.

But then the bridge broke and the cars slid into the water. I really have to hand it to the special effects department for that shot. Never have I seen a bunch of Matchbox cars rolling off a piece of Hot Wheels track that looked more like a bunch of Matchbox cars rolling off a piece of Hot Wheels track.

One thing stands out in how cheap the producers of this movie were. They didn’t spring for an inside shot of the top of the Space Needle. You know, diners feeling the first tremors, someone rushing to the window, folks starting to scream as the furnishing begin to slide, and so on. No terrified drivers in the cars tumbling from the bridge either.

Not only were they cheap, they couldn’t read a map, either. The Great Train Swallowing took place “50 miles east of Redding, Ca.” Too bad there are no Amtrak routes east of Redding! Amtrak only runs to the west from Redding. It was a passenger train, so it had to be Amtrak.

Yes. I know. I have waaay too much time on my hands!

I’m Dogzilla, and I’m addicted to terrible Disaster Movies.

I forgot to check in on this one because it was HBO night (Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Deadwood), and now I’m sorry I missed the first night. I will eventually rent the damn DVD. I actually enjoyed The Core, Armageddon and Volcano, in an MST3K sort of way.

Looks like I’m in for some good hecklin’ tonight though!


I keep waiting for someone to use that song (I think it might be my all-time favorite Tool song), but that would make it a good movie. There couldn’t possibly be any decent music choices in this train wreck of a movie. IMHO: the only thing that makes a disaster movie good is if most of the cast is dead by the end. I suspect this will not be one of those movies… not that I can think of any good disaster movie offhand.

::wanders of to listen to Tool::

Are you sure about that? I could’ve sworn it said “Lionel Railways” on the side.

I thought of Galloping Gertie too! And, how about when the bridge starts to collapse but the cars stay in mid-air? My husband said it was a rendering mistake. If so, they probably kept it in because it looked cool, like the rendering mistake that caused the mid-air rocks at the beginning of Toy Story 2. If they did it on purpose, ooooh, they care even less about physics than we thought.

(Hubby says “it’s Warner Brothers’ Looney Tunes physics!”)
I love this thread!

For anyone who’s not familiar with the footage of the Narrows Bridge collapse, there’s a color film clip at this University of Utah webpage.

Thanks for that web site Papermache Prince.

(Shamelessly stealing from my other post)

Oh yes!

  1. the scientist who Knows What’s Going On But Can’t Get Anyone To Listen To Her.

  2. the scientist’s colleague who Doesn’t Take Her Seriously Either, But Then Gets On Board After She Saves His Life.

  3. the government guy who Doesn’t Take The Scientist Seriously, then Feels Bad When Millions of People Die.

  4. the government guy’s grown son who Knows His Father Is A Lying Dick.

  5. the estranged father and daughter who Go On A Camping Trip To Try To Connect, Thereby Being Right In The Thick Of Things.

5a. the father is a Busy Guy Who Doesn’t Pay Enough Attention To His Daughter.

5b. the daughter is a Spoiled Whiny Brat Who Has To Learn To Grow Up Quick.

  1. the governor’s assistant whose Husband Doesn’t Like Her Working.

  2. the doctor whose Wife Doesn’t Like Him Working.

  3. the kiss-ass intern who Will Probably Be Really Important In Part 2.

And so on…

Is there anyone in the cast who’s not just in this for the paycheck? Usually in TV movies there are one or two minor actors who shine and go on to bigger things, then look embarrassed when someone brings up that movie. I didn’t see anyone like that here, though I hope Rebecca Jenkins gets more work out of it. Jenkins and Beau Bridges are both good actors and bring a little depth to the characters. Not much, since they don’t have much to work with, but a little. Kim Delaney (the scientist) is a decent actress, but she doesn’t have much to work with either. Poor Remo Williams (Fred Ward) has the thankless role as the Lying Dick, and he’s definitely phoning it in.
I have a soft spot for full-on disaster movies (I can’t wait for The Day After Tomorrow!) and I remember fondly my days of childhood when big-deal TV movies were events the entire nation would watch. You’d have a hard time finding anyone who didn’t watch things like Roots or The Day After. Unfortunately, this thing isn’t on that kind of level.

Still, I’ll Tivo the 2nd part (we’re going to a movie tonight so I’ll have to watch it later) so I can fast-forward through the commercials, and watch Los Angeles fall into the ocean. I assume most of the real money shots will be in part 2. (nothing against LA, just that it’ll look cool)


The “real money shots” being the ones they spent more than $3.15 on?

It’s not nearly as much fun as this thread, but this site has some great info on just how bad the science part is.

Now all we need are links for bad direction, bad acting, bad writing, bad editing…

I thought they did that because, see, the bridge is big and heavy so it will fall really really fast but the cars, being lighter, will stay in the same place for a second before following the bridge down. :smiley:
Ooooh. Part 2 is starting in a minute, so I hafta go now. :slight_smile:

I checked that site and this first line is great!

Anyways, I had no interest in watching this movie until reading this thread. I also perused some articles on the web today that said this movie was just horrible. I’ll keep watching it as long as I don’t get sick of the damn zoom everytime someone says something.

Also, “marshal” law? So are the writers of this movie just that stupid or are we to assume that it was the news broadcast that fucked it up?

Ok, my wife and I are DVRing tonight’s part and are going to watch it tomorrow. So, can I ask that there be a 24 hour moratorium on all witty banter/smarmy comments about tonight’s episode? :slight_smile:

So wait - a nuclear bomb can stop a 10.5 earthquake and seal fault lines thousands of miles below the earth’s surface, but people 300 feet above the explosion are ok because they put gravel down the hole?

Okay, the traffic on the LA freeways is moving more smoothly than it does on an average weekday afternoon…

Since WHEN is .17 greater that .2??? :smack:

That’s waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy worse that ‘Marshal Law’

:wally es

Yay! Go earthquake! :smiley:

Oh, dear god! Opera???

Shouldn’t all of the central valley be filling with seawater right now? No more avocados…

There should be corpses and debris for as far as human eye can see on that water.

… and it all ends as pointlessly and randomly as it began…