Watching repeats of the West Wing - how politics has moved on (sort of)

I’ve been re-watching the *West Wing *recently, and have been struck by the number of key issues within the storyline that really seem to have progressed and even resolved (to some extent at least) since I first watched. It was written, what, 15+ years ago now, and many of the episodes with areas of legislation mentioned in the scripts, especially in the early episodes, seem to have been at least partially resolved or even fully rescinded in reality. DOMA + Gay Marriage ban, DADT + gays in the military, (some form of) Health Care Reform Bill, Entitlement Reforms, minimum wage hikes (to some extent) etc…

There’s still lots of smaller issues mentioned in the show that remain floating around in the political aether, I imagine. I’m not from the US, so don’t see all that much news on US domestic issues (other than on this board), so would ask - is there still ongoing support and/or major controversy about any of the following issues, or just the usual partisan mutterings and a reluctant acceptance of the status quo to retain the issue for fundraising purposes:
*(overturn of ban on organised) School prayer
Constitutional amendment banning flag burning
English as the National Language
Slavery reparations
(removing funding for) Public Broadcast TV
(removing funding for) the NEA

It’s still great drama, enjoying the re-watching - up to season three already. What are your best memories and favorite / least favourite scenes from the show? Thanks.

None of those are really talked about issues anymore.

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ article about slavery reparations stirred up a lot of reaction just a few months ago. Most of the issues listed in the OP seem to me to be recurring ones in US politics.

In general though, the show is dated because it is really about the George W. Bush presidency. It is a liberal wish-fulfillment fantasy of how things ought to have been.

We still haven’t abolished the penny.

The dollar is the new penny. :frowning:

That hasn’t been an issue since about the same time The West Wing went off the air. It came within one vote in 2006, and then fizzled after that, and it hasn’t gotten any serious attention since the Republicans lost control of Congress later that year. (It’s one of those things they wouldn’t actually want to pass anyways. It’s better as an issue than an accomplishment.)

I’m still waiting for that $500 million Wolf Corridor.

With private contributions, the cost to the tax payer was to be ‘only’ $900 million dollars. Come on USA, support freedom - get it done!