Watchmen article in EW this week

Just a note - hidden in the Entertainment Weekly issue with Charlize Theron on the cover (VERY nice photo shoot for an EW) is a couple-page article on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. Not even mentioned on the cover…

It is interesting to read how EW tries to 'splain what Watchmen is to an audience that might not have heard of it. Also, they include quotes from Moore, Gibbons, the editor of DC at the time, and even a quote from Neil Gaiman about the creative of the Best Comic Ever.

Check it out.

Yeah I read the article. I had bought “The Watchmen” as a trade paperback years ago, and was blown away by it. It still sits proudly on my shelf. I agree with Moore. Any attempt to make it into a film would simply bastardize it.

In Time this week, they had a short article on their new list of the 100 greatest novels written since Time Magazine began to publish.

The list is online, but they previewed to ten most unique selections.

Watchmen was the first one on the page. It says it is by far among the greatest graphic novel of all time, but also one of the greatest in ANY medium!

(I don’t think it is a coincidence that Time and EW are published by Time Warner, owner of DC Comics. I simply think the Watchmen is that good.)