Water Birth in San Francisco?

My husband and I are moving to the Bay Area on Wednesday. I am 22 weeks pregnant. Does anyone know of a hospital/birth center in or around SF that provides water birth? Any recommendations for OBs who will allow water birth or hypnobirthing?


I’m sitting in a friend’s livingroom in SF right now, and she says to check out Sage Femme Birthing Center (or something similar). As of 2 years ago, they were the only freestanding place that did water births, but she says some independent midwives will do it in your home. However, she also recommends UCSF, where her son was born.

I’ve heard UCSF might be good. Did she have to get an episiotomy? Are they super sterile and overly medical? Can you be drug free? Why did she like it?

I’ve seen Sage Femme recommended before. If you want to email me privately (email in profile) I can put you in touch with a friend in SF who is a doula.