Water draining at equator.

Cecil’s Column on Coriolis effect.

A BBC video from the equator.

Here’s a link that shows how the trick is done. It must be the same guy because both the guy on BBC and the guy in my link got the direction of the Coriolis effect wrong.

If you look at both the picture and the video, the bowl appears to be the same. It looks like it might be the same guy. He’s probably been running that scam for years. Hey, it works, why do something different?

I was in Nanyuki in Kenya in July last year. That same bloke was there scamming tourists.

Sad to see the BBC falling for this. American networks, I could understand.
Powers &8^]

How is this any different to a busker with a magic show? If he’s entertaining and the tourists are glad to pay then good on him. Anyone expecting scientific accuracy from a show like that is deluding them selves.

Yes. But BBC could have provided a disclaimer. All their readers are not Dopers.:smiley: