Water gaps

Although I have Googled the Delaware Water Gap, I cannot find an explanation of what the name means. What is a water gap and are there any others. I have heard of the DWG for as long as I can remember, but never heard an explanation. I have this mental picture of the Delaware disappearing under ground for a time and then reemerging to continue on down to the Atlantic, but I assume that is wrong

I don’t know why ‘water’ is in the name, but ‘gap’ is a Mid-Atlantic term for pass or notch… a cut through a ridge that allows easy passage.

The name in the US can be traced back in print to at least 1756.
And it’s as bradministrator says. Where a stream flows through a gap/notch in the mountains.

Delaware Water Gap

Not only that there’s a Wind Gap Pa.town no more than 15-30 mile drive from the water gap.As far as I know the wind there is the same air that passes thru the water gap.

Nearby the town of Pen Argyl lays claim to the childhood homes of Aldo Ray and Jayne Mansfield.Maybe the wind had something to do with Ray’s raspy voice and Mansfield’s lung capacity.Possibly always shouting to be heard over the wind’s roar. :slight_smile: