Water in my ear

I got water in my ear, taking a shower – last week. It’s happened before but usually goes away in a few hours, max. This is really annoying.

I’ve tilted my head; tilted my head while bending over; “plungered” it with the heel of my hand. Bought ear drops for swimmer’s ear – which are mostly alcohol, they’re supposed to mingle with the water, and then it all evaporates – nope.

Any ideas? At what point do I call a doctor?

A week is a long time. I’d suggest having a doc or PA or NP look in the ear.

Certainly get it checked if it hurts or has a hearing decrease.

I’m not going to speculate further; ear exam is really the next step if it’s not improving.

Quite a few years ago I had what felt like “water in my ear” but nothing worked and it was really uncomfortable.

I went to a doctor, who discovered a big chunk of hardened ear wax that was rattling around in there but too big to come out or be dissolved. He used a water-pic to remove it and the feeling of being freed from that thing was so great it was orgasmic, seriously.

So, I agree with QtM. You don’t want to mess around with the fragile inner architecture of your ears; have it looked at professionally.

I just made the call – seeing my doc tomorrow. thanks for the advice.

An ear infection can make it sound like there’s water in your ear - at least, when I was a kid, mine did. I’d toss my head back and you could “hear” it clear, and then it’d slowly cloud over again.

Glad you’re seeing the doctor.

water in the ear can lessen hearing and give a sensation of pressure. so can ear wax. water could have compacted ear wax to cause or worsen the problem.

good to see a doc and get evaluated if it is serious or not.

if it is wax you might get a cleaning and/or instructions on how to do so.

Glad you’re having a Doc examine but here’s a way to clear earwax at home. Put a few drops of mineral oil (drug store) in the troubled ear and lay down with the ear up so the oil will stay in. It will soften the wax. How long depends on how tough the built up wax is. Then using an ear syringe (a rubber bubble with a small spout - drug store, again), using WARM water, irrigate the ear over the sink until you see the gunk fall out.

The ear syringe is also good for sucking water out of the ear.