Water in toilet bowl low-reason?

The water level in my toilet bowl is lower than usual. It is about 4-6 inches lower than it normally is. All other functions of the toilet are normal except for this. Does anybody know why, and what can I do about it?

Take off the lid of the tank and check the innards. There should be a vertical tube going from the base of the tank up above the level of the water, with a hose that sprays water into it when you flush. That’s to fill up the bowl after the flush is complete. Make sure the hose is functioning and sprays all of its water down that tube.

If the bowl fills up normally then loses water over time, you could have a crack in the bowl, or a clogged vent. The clogged vent will cause a vacuum in the waste line if another toilet flushes, that can pull the water out of the bowl.

Your dog is thirsty?

Or a partially clogged drain. This can cause a siphon effect and pull more water out of the bowl.

When you flush does it seem to fill higher then normal first?

Oh, you didn’t say. Does it go to this level right away or does it get to this level after a while (a while being anything more then 20 seconds or so)?

I checked my vertical tube and that was the problem. Boy, do the people in my house think I’m smart!
Thanks, all, for yor help.

You know, some folks binge eat while sleepwalking. Perhaps someone went to sleep thirsty?

That or that vertical tube thingie. heh, he said “vertical tube”