Water is coming out from under washing machine!

Is this a serious problem that I can tackle or should I call a repairman?

Thanks very much!

Check your hoses and the connections. Then check the connection of the drain hose at the bottom of the washer. If the water is probably coming from one of those points.

Thanks, I’ll do that right now.

I concur. If you do not find water coming from the hose, replace it anyway. I kept trying to track down a leak in the hose, and could not find one. Looked for water trickling down back of machine, no dice.
Replaced hose anyway, in a moment of desparation, never so much as a drop on the floor!
Good luck,

Also, open the cover and make sure the water is not overflowing the device at the top that allows air to vent. You’ll typically find the repair parts hanging near the cash register in the appliance parts store, since it is a common failure mode. If this is your problem, you may be able to repair it for less than $5.00, plus your own valuable time.

I’m having trouble getting the back off of the washer to see the hose connections.

You should be able to see those connections without dissembling anything. You’ll need to provide pics or model info for us to be of more help.

On many washers, the way to access the inside is to remove the front panel and then lift up the top. Search the Internet for your model number and see if you can find instructions.