Water Question...how creative!

Say I’m standing over a sink filled with regular tap water,
we’ll call it “water A”. AND hold, in my hand, a glass also filled with regular tap water, “water B” over the sink.
If pouring water B into the sink of water A should result in a “splash”,
which water would I most likely be getting hit with?
also, what role does height and depth play?
would dyeing the water help?

Probably a little of column A and a little of column B. Geometry of the sink and the depth of the water plays a part. Certainly using dye would be in the empirical tradition. You should also probably use high speed strobes ala Edgerton.

From the classic “drop of milk” sequence in the above link, it looks like the initial splash is composed of A (the water in the sink). But I think what happens immediately after is that the displaced water rushes back, resulting in a center plume that would contain considerable amounts of B.