Water tasting like milk

Twice now in the past week, I was out drinking with my friends. I came home, and before bed, I had a hangover-preventing glass of cold, drinking water. The water, to my slightly-tipsy mouth, tasted like milk. Somewhat watered-down milk, but definitely milk. I hadn’t had any milk in liquid form in a while, so I’m at a loss to figure it out.

What gives?

I have seen cases like this before.

You were…drunk.

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No, seriously, I was sober enough to both drive home and notice something was amiss. I also remembered it the next day, which is a pretty strong indicator toward my sobriety.

Uh… you mean if a person remembers what happened the night before, that indicates they were sober? Man, I’ve done a whole bunch of stupid things when I was totally shit-faced and unfortunately remembered them in excruciating detail.

Who washes the dishes at your house?

How about that babe you were chatting up that night? Does he/she look quite as yummy the next day, when you’re sober?
Shouldn’t be driving and drinking. :frowning:

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Jeez. I ask an honest question, and I get assaulted with mockery. (Nothing against you guys, but I considered this question for a few days before posting it. Generally, I’m all for mockery.)

I wash the dishes in my place. The cups (plastic, not glass, if that means anything) were clean.

I mention that I drove home because I was in fine condition to do so. I do not need to be lectured on the evils of drunk driving.

The only logical explanation I can think of is that the enzymes/elements/aftertaste of the beer I had drunk reacted to the water and tricked my palate into thinking it was milk. I dunno, though. I never noticed it until this past weekend.

Mockery? Puh-leeze. We can’t question your definition of sober?

My question to you was completely serious, and I think your answer answers your own question. When plastic glasses get worn (even though they don’t look worn, they have minute scratches in the surface that can trap debris (like milk solids). You’re expecting cool, clear water - but I’m guessing you get 40 ppm milk, and that ruins the experience. Maybe you never have milk in your house? I dunno then.

Did you brush your teeth before you drank the water?

Thanks, Nick…

I think we may be on to something. These are those cheap plastic cups I got at Taco Hell this summer during the Star Wars promotion. But, I haven’t drank milk out of them ever, I don’t think. I’m not much of a milk drinker anymore. And, no, I didn’t brush my teeth before drinking the water. But, I most assuredly did afterward.

If this isn’t an excuse to get drunk, I don’t know what is. :slight_smile:

Here’s a WAG. After a prolonged time in the ocean, a drink of fresh water tastes positively sweet. And I mean sweet like there is sugar in it or something. Any surfer should be able to back this. (or is it just me?)

Anyway, my WAG is it has something to do with the contrast between stale cigarettes, beer and other mouth crud associated with drinking and the fresh water. Or maybe it was that big milk tanker spill two counties over.

No offense, Montfort, but anyone who has a ‘slightly tipsy’ mouth and needs to drink water to prevent a ‘hangover’ is likely to be ‘impaired’ in his/her driving, both by legal definition and as a matter of fact. :slight_smile:

As for the taste of the water, I would also think what you had eaten and drunk earlier might add some information of value.

You unbelievers! It was obviously the First Miraculous Sign of Imthecowgodmoo! :wink: